Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hurts like [insert heart-wrenching metaphor here]

For those of you who recently lost your baby, all I can say is it hurts like [insert heart-wrenching metaphor here].  I know there is nothing I can do or say to take away your pain, but I can say, "I really do understand."  Although the circumstances surrounding our situations may differ, we share a common bond.  I remember sleepless nights.  I remember waking up each morning with a heavy heart full of so much pain.  I remember wondering if my life would ever go back to "normal" again or at the very least have less sadness.  I remember the emptiness.  I remember the devastation and disappointment of lost hopes and dreams.  I remember longing to hold my baby, yet having empty arms. I remember the fear of wondering if I would ever be able to have a child of my own.  There is no way to sugar coat the experience or feelings.  It hurts like [insert heart-wrenching metaphor here].

BUT, I can tell you that there is a God who can bring healing to your heart if you choose to let Him in.  I can tell you that one day it will feel different than it does now.  I can tell you that there is the possibility of peace and comfort in the midst of pain.  I can tell you that you are not alone in your pain.  I can tell you that even though it hurts like [insert heart-wrenching metaphor here], it won't feel like this forever.  Yes, there may be still be moments or triggers that take you back to that familiar place, but it won't hurt like this everyday for the rest of your life.  I can tell you that this is not the end of God's story for your life.  Yes, it is a painful chapter, but it is not the conclusion.  I know that knowing this doesn't take away the pain you feel now, but it does offer hope.  This is not the end - Your story is still being written.  The next chapter will come.  Keep holding on.

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