Monday, July 22, 2013

What if?

"What if we cannot conceive again?"

"What if we loose another baby?"

"What if my heart is broken again?"

As a counselor by profession, I often discourage my clients from dwelling on "What if's" questions, at least the negative ones.  Primarily because I have learned and experienced firsthand that there are typically no benefits from dwelling on these questions.  But I must admit that although "I know better", sometimes these thoughts plague my mind.  And I have reason to believe that you've had some "What if" questions of your own.  Whether they sound the same or look very different, I am certain we have both experienced the same paralyzing fear and overwhelming anxiety these thoughts can bring.

 At times I attempt to cope with these thoughts by pretending they do not exist.  After all, it's not very "spiritual" to have these thoughts of fear, anxiety, and doubt.  Right?  Or not?  I believe these thoughts are a very real part of being human.  In fact, I love reading the books of Psalms and Job because both David and Job had very honest conversations with God.  However, it is important to recognize one key word I mentioned earlier:  "Dwelling".

When we dwell on these thoughts, they begin to take residence in our mind and have the potential to steal life from us.  They have stolen my contentment, my gratitude, my peace, my joy, my faith, and my hope.  They have adversely affected my relationship with my Savior and blinded my eyes to His Truth.

And the truth at this point in most of our lives is that these are only "What if's".  They are not reality.  We do not know whether they will happen or not.  So in the meantime let's forget about these negative "What if's".  And instead choose to dwell on some positive ones.

"What if we do conceive again?"

"What if we carry our baby full-term?"

"What if we give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby?"

What if we dare to believe in possibilities?
What if we dare to hope again?

"No one who hopes in You will ever be put to shame..." ~Psalm 25:3